Uplifting Herbal Tea


Ingredients: Eleuthero root*, lemon balm*, St. John's wort*, turmeric*, lavender*, nettle*, safflower*


We have all heard the saying that "money can't buy happiness." Our Mood Boost herbal tea is here to challenge that. This herbal blend was thoughtfully created to get you out of a funk and put a smile on your face. Mental well-being is one of the most important factors in overall happiness, yet many people struggle to achieve it. Give Mood Boost a try and experience how well it works for you!


🌻Small | 0.75 oz. | 10+ servings

🌻Medium | 2.25 oz. | 30+ servings


*Organic ingredient 

Mood Boost

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  • The teas that make up our Wellness Collection all serve an important purpose in improving and promoting one's overall well-being. For best results, we recommend drinking these teas 1-3 times per day. A small bag contains about 10 servings, and a medium bag contains 30-40 servings.