Calming Herbal Tea


Ingredients: Chamomile*, lemongrass*, English lavender*, cornflower


If you are looking to sit back and relax, look no further than Lights Out Lavender. This is the perfect herbal tea to add to any bedtime routine, especially if you are feeling restless. Let soothing chamomile and calming lavender ease you into a state of pure bliss. 


🌝Small | 0.5 oz. | 10+ servings

🌝Medium | 1.5 oz. | 30+ servings


*Organic ingredient

Lights Out Lavender

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  • We recommend brewing Lights Out Lavender and most other herbal teas for 5-7+ minutes with 210℉ water.

    There are countless benefits of each ingredient that we blend into our teas. Unless the tea contains a heat-sensitive ingredient, such as green tea leaves, we recommend brewing that tea with near-boiling water. This will extract as much of the good stuff as possibly from the herbs. Brewing tea is simple, but it is important to follow our specific instructions for each tea so your tea tastes as good as possible. Learn more about brewing tea here!