Invigorating Green Tea


Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea*, ginger*, cinnamon*, lemongrass*, sencha green tea*, natural lemon flavor*


Easily enjoy the benefits of ginger root and green tea with this perfect blend of two complementing flavors. Our Lemon Ginger tea has a combination of sencha and gunpowder green tea that lays the foundation for bright lemon and cleansing ginger to tickle your tastebuds. This tea has mild caffeine, but just enough to keep you sharp throughout the day. Try it with a spoon full of honey!


🍋Small | 1 oz. | 10+ servings

🍋Medium | 3 oz. | 30+ servings


*Organic ingredient

Lemon Ginger

  • We recommend brewing Lemon Ginger and other green teas for 2-3 minutes with 175℉ water.

    Fresh green tea leaves are delicate and can burn easily. When green tea is steeped for too long or with water that is too hot, it can become bitter and not nearly as tasty. Brewing tea is simple, but it is important to follow our specific instructions for each tea so your tea tastes as good as possible. Learn more about brewing tea here!