Cleansing Herbal Tea


Ingredients: Hibiscus*, nettle*, milk thistle*, orange peel*, wild blueberries*, cornflower, pink rose petals*, natural flavors*


Popping with notes of blueberry and lemon, Blueberry Detox is the perfect herbal tea to drink any time of the day. A cleansing herbal base of nettle leaf and milk thistle creates a natural detox that will promote a happy and healthy liver! Antioxidant rich wild blueberries take this tea to the next level and make it one that you will crave every day. 


🌺Small | 0.75 oz. | 10+ servings

🌺Medium | 2.25 oz. | 30+ servings


*Organic ingredient

Blueberry Detox

  • The teas that make up our Wellness Collection all serve an important purpose in improving and promoting one's overall well-being. For best results, we recommend drinking these teas 1-3 times per day. A small bag contains about 10 servings, and a medium bag contains 30-40 servings.