We are based out of beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. As part of our mission to consistently be the best tea that our customers drink, we mix all of our teas and herbal blends by hand in small batches. This gives us excellent control over the quality and consistency of our products so each cup of tea you brew tastes as good as the first one. 


Two Brothers With A Passion For Good Tea

Lamie Wellness was founded by two of the Lamie brothers in early 2019. With only a few months left in their college careers at Michigan State University, Dexter and Riley Lamie decided it was time to pursue what they are truly passionate about. The boys have always loved loose leaf teas but found it difficult to customize blends to fit specific goals. Thus, Lamie Wellness was born.


Tea As Pure As The Great Lakes

We believe there are many reasons why we are one of the coolest tea brands on the planet. Besides being young and offering delicious loose leaf teas, we both share a love for the outdoors and a passion for environmental sustainability. That is why we decided to develop environmentally conscience products that have a minimal impact to the planet. We also plant a tree for every order through our online tea store! On top of that, all the shipping materials that we use are recyclable and made from at least 90% recycled materials. We also make it a top priority to work with other companies that share our same goals. 


We believe in transparency and keeping it simple! We want you to feel comfortable with our business process and confident in our loose leaf teas.  That is why we never use any artificial flavors and source organic ingredients whenever possible. Please feel free to reach to us if you have any questions about our ingredients, packaging, or anything else. We would love to tell you more about what we do and how we do it.  


From the beginning, we wanted to create a tea brand that is easy to understand for both new and experienced tea drinkers. That is why we categorize our teas by the time of day when they are best enjoyed. Our higher caffeine teas make up our Morning Teas, while our caffeine-free, relaxing herbal teas fall under our Evening Teas.


We created the Wellness Tea Collection to specifically target common health goals or issues that many people have. Thoughtfully blended tea can have much more meaningful benefits, and that is exactly why we created this collection. 


One Tree Planted For Every Order

Taking care of the planet has been one of our top priorities since the day we blended our first batch of Cinnamon Roll. We knew that being an environmentally friendly company was not going to be easy, but the extra work and costs involved are well worth it to us. We proudly work with the National Forest Foundation to plant 1 tree for every online order that we receive. These trees are planted in US National Forests across the country! Learn more about the National Forest Foundation here

Dexter Lamie

Dexter is one of the founders of Lamie Wellness and the company mascot. Dexter enjoys being outside and going on spontaneous adventures. He is currently raising a beautiful family (of chickens), and his favorite Lamie Wellness tea is Cinnamon Roll.


Riley Lamie

Riley is one of the founders of Lamie Wellness and the creator of most of our signature tea blends. Riley enjoys spending his free time outside and has recently evolved into a cat-lover. His favorite Lamie Wellness tea is Blueberry Detox.